Monday, 7 March 2016

he will never apply genre to his work. HE APPL ME

Daniel Chandler’s ‘Genre is too restricting’

The regional magazine I created does follow a genre of action sports which has been done quite frequently with magazines such as sidewalk magazine and thrasher for skateboarding and surfer and wavelength for surfing. However the genre we used combines both the sports of surfing and skating into one magazine to challenge the convention of a single genre or theme within a magazine. This makes the magazine more interesting for the reader and gives a wide variety of content.
This will stop the audience from viewing the magazine the same as any other surf or skate magazine.  The audience will be more willing to purchase and read this as the typical genre has been challenged. Hybridisation of the magazine also ensures there is a wider audience.
Although a genre can provide structure, the content in my magazine follows the typical conventions of a surf or skate magazine. This includes interviews with professionals, trick tips and topic articles. This allows expectations to still be met within the magazine.

Steve Neale’s ‘repetition and difference’
As pointed out our article applies difference within the content as it complied with Daniel Chandler’s theory. This is done to keep pleasure with fresh content.
However we kept the topics within the same genre of board sports and ‘extreme’ sports. This was Important for our magazines as the solid idea of a genre such as board sports helped as a template to work around when creating our magazine. This template made sure our product kept the conventions of a surf and skate magazine but allowed us to go outside the box and achieve what hadn’t been done yet was to the two topics of skateboarding and surfing merged into one.

John Fiske
The magazine has an ideal reader in mind during the construction of the product. This involved the teenage, laid back lifestyle audience that partake in both skateboarding and surfing, but is suitable if they only have an interest in one. However both these sports combine into one within media and skateboarding is simply an evolution of surfing. Being a local magazine this was an ideal genre to create the magazine on. There is a growing amount of people who skate around the local area and has a large target market. The magazines region is also based along the east coast, where a lot of good surfing spots and surfers thrive.
Although the audience seems a small amount, it is in fact quite a popular topic and therefore would be a popular magazine.
Our magazine made the assumption that the audience surf and skate, and the text inside such as the direct address assume the audience know what the text is talking about. The anticipation of pleasure is also present such as action photos and interviews with professionals makes it interesting.

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